Kellogg Interview Day

Event Overview

Twice every year, interviews of Kellogg applicants are conducted in what is referred to as "KID Japan."
"KID" stands for Kellogg Interview Day, and has been held in collaboration with the Kellogg Admissions Office at a location provided by Eisai Co., Ltd. in recent years. Every year, around 20-30 alumni participate to interview more than 100 applicants. Interviewers are mainly alumni who have graduated in the past three years, but some participants graduated 10 years ago. One-on-one interviews lasting around an hour are conducted on the day, mainly to check whether applicants are compatible with the Kellogg culture based on questions asked by alumni. However, it also serves as a place for applicants to choose their school, so it is vital that alumni highlight the appeal of Kellogg. In addition, applicants sometimes ask about classes that left an impression and life in Evanston, giving alumni a chance to reminisce about their two years at Kellogg. Once the interview session is over, a party is usually held at "Kazu" a BBQ restaurant near Myogadani Station, with much lively discussion exchanging stories about Kellogg.

Information on the Next KID Japan

KID Japan is held in January and November every year. We will provide further information via the mailing list once the details have been determined.