Events & Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Major events held by KCJ (Kellogg Club of Japan) are shown below. The day varies depending on the year. Please see the individual event pages for details.

Month held Event name
1 Board Meeting
1 TG
2 TG
3 Morning Session
3 TG
3 GIM Dinner
4 Board Meeting
4 TG
5 TG
6 TG
6 Morning Session
Month held Event name
7 Board Meeting
7 TG
7 MBA Fair
7 School Briefing
8 TG
9 TG
9 Morning Session
10 TG
10 Board Meeting
10 Annual General Meeting/Lecture Presentation/Social Gathering
11 KID
11 A Wildcat Thanksgiving
12 Morning Session
12 Issuing of Member's List (odd-numbered years)


  • Morning Session
    Sessions for getting in touch with the latest management and the essence of leadership through speeches and discussions with professors and graduates who are active in the Japanese and Global business community. Held four times each year.
  • TG
    Held at Lawry's in Tameike-sanno from 9pm every 3rd Friday. The most casual networking event that does not require a reservation in advance.
    Accompanying guests are also welcome.
  • General Meeting
    Held in Tokyo every autumn along with presentations and networking events.
  • Class Reunions
    Class reunions are held on the 3rd Friday of the same month as the last digit of the year of graduation.
  • GIM Japan Alumni Dinner
    A networking event for graduates, candidates who have been accepted into the school, and participants in GIM Japan, which represents current students. It is held every March in Tokyo or Osaka.
  • Briefings on the School by Current Kellogg Students
    Briefings on the school by current students and graduates for prospective applicants. It is held every summer.
  • Kellogg Interview Day
    Graduates serve as interviewers to conduct interviews for applicants to the school. It is held several times every winter.
  • Day at Kellogg Japan
    A welcome party for successful applicants to the Kellogg School of Management. It is held every April.