GIM Japan Alumni Dinner

Event Overview

Every year, the Kellogg Club of Japan (KCJ) invites Kellogg students visiting Japan through GIM Japan to a dinner.
GIM stands for Global Initiatives in Management, and is one of Kellogg's famous classes in which students are selected by professors as leaders to completely organize the class including the creation of a curriculum and arrangement of speakers. Students participating in the class learn about business, culture and history in a particular country or region, and visit that region once the semester has ended. GIM Japan is a class studying Japan, and every year around 30 to 40 Kellogg students are accompanied by their professor to visit and study Japanese companies and gain a better understanding of Japan by coming in contact with Japanese culture through sightseeing, etc.
In addition to the Kellogg students visiting Japan, candidates who have been accepted into Kellogg are also invited to the GIM Japan Alumni Dinner, providing an unparalleled opportunity for the past present and future of Kellogg to get to know each other at once.

Information on the Next GIM Japan Alumni Dinner

GIM is held in the latter half of March every year.
We will provide further information via the mailing list once the details have been determined.

Past GIM Japan Alumni Dinners

A scene from a GIM Japan Alumni Dinner

Held in 2010
Date: March 17 (Wed)
Location: Tofuro´╝łGinza Corridor Street)
This year's GIM Japan Alumni Dinner was a lively one which was attended by 40 Kellogg students guided by Dean Jacobs and almost 20 alumni and accepted candidates.
It was the Kellogg students' second day in Japan, but they forgot about their jet lag and enjoyed themselves experiencing a Japanese izakaya style restaurant for the first time. Dean Jacobs seemed to be very pleased to interact with alumni he saw for the first time in a long while. I think it was also a good opportunity for accepted candidates to come in contact with real Kellogg culture.