General Meeting

Event Overview

The General Meeting of Kellogg Club of Japan (KCJ) is held every year in autumn. The Annual General Meeting provides reports on the year's activities and the direction of activities in the coming year, in addition to lecture presentations by Kellogg alumni and a social gathering.

Reports on Past General Meetings (Presenters' titles for that time)

Location: Josui Kaikan
Speaker: Haruo Naito, Eisai Co., Ltd President & CEO (Class of 1974)

Location: Gakushi Kaikan
Speaker: Masayasu Ariyoshi, President, PTP Inc. (Class of 1995)

Location: Josui Kaikan
Speaker: Yasuyuki Maruyama, President & CEO, Phoenix Resort K.K. (Class of 1986)

Location: Tokyo American Club
Speaker: Ichiro Kawanabe, President and CEO, Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd. (Class of 1997)

Location: Tokyo American Club
Speaker: Daniel H. Sayre, Representative Director & President, Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. (Class of 1981)

Location: Club Kanto
Speaker: Takeshi Fujimaki, Representative Director, Fujimaki Japan, Inc. (Class of 1980)