Day at Kellogg Japan

Event Overview

DAKJ is held in mid April every year when the process of application to Kellogg is almost finished.
DAKJ stands for Day at Kellogg Japan, and every year successful candidates and alumni are invited to provide an opportunity for successful candidates to meet each other, hear some of the good memories from alumni and build their anticipation about the time they will spend at Kellogg.
One of the good things about DAKJ is that people's significant others may also participate. This enables the families of successful candidates planning to make the trip to the US together to hear some tips about living in Evanston and getting to know people who will be going to the US at the same time.
It is also an opportunity for alumni, to get to know the successful candidates about to go to Kellogg along with other alumni.

Information on the Next DAKJ

DAKJ is held in the latter half of April every year.
We will provide further information via the mailing list once the details have been determined.

Past DAKJs

DAKJ held on April 17, 2010 (Sat)
8 successful candidates (+1 JV) joined 17 alumni (+3 JV) in a lively meeting.
It was like a simulation of a home party in Evanston for the successful candidates, and it was a memorably meeting befitting of Kellogg that also brought back nostalgic memories of the days at Kellogg for alumni. Alumni speaking sometimes passionately and sometimes earnestly to build the successful candidates' anticipation of life at Kellogg left a strong impression, and I think it gave the successful candidates a glimpse of part of the Kellogg culture.